Keiko Kuroshima

Keiko Kuroshima

July 14, 2023

Last October, American food professionals visited fermented food producers to deepen their knowledge of Japanese fermentation culture during the “Hakko Tourism in Japan” tour campaign. As part of the tour, organizers held a tasting session where guests gave candid advice from the perspective of the American market to food product manufacturers looking to enter the United States market.

Picture of Keiko Kuroshima

Keiko Kuroshima is a renowned expert in the world of soy sauce, holding the titles of the world’s first soy sauce sommelier and a certified soy sauce sensory inspector. Born and raised in Shodoshima, a picturesque small island nestled in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, Keiko has been exposed to the rich heritage of soy sauce production from an early age.

With a 400-year-old legacy of soy sauce craftsmanship in her hometown, Keiko’s passion for soy sauce grew naturally. She immersed herself in studying the intricate processes, flavor profiles, and nuances of soy sauce production, eventually becoming one of the three soy sauce sommeliers worldwide, and the only woman to hold this esteemed title.

Keiko co-authored a book that explores the hidden world of soy sauce production on the island. Through her work, she not only celebrates the efforts of these dedicated craftsmen but also brings attention to the unique flavors and historical significance that make Shodoshima soy sauce a true culinary treasure.

Recognized for her unparalleled knowledge on the subject, Keiko is frequently sought after to educate and enlighten both industry professionals and enthusiastic food lovers about the versatile and complex nature of soy sauce. With her expertise, she aims to elevate soy sauce appreciation and deepen the understanding of this staple ingredient in Japanese cuisine.

Keiko Kuroshima’s unwavering dedication to the art of soy sauce, paired with her role as a trailblazing woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, has solidified her status as a pioneering authority in the realm of soy sauce sommeliers. Her work continues to inspire a new generation and shine a spotlight on the quality and craftsmanship behind traditional soy sauce production.