Maiko Otsuka

Maiko Otsuka

July 17, 2023

Last October, American food professionals visited fermented food producers to deepen their knowledge of Japanese fermentation culture during the “Hakko Tourism in Japan” tour campaign. As part of the tour, organizers held a tasting session where guests gave candid advice from the perspective of the American market to food product manufacturers looking to enter the United States market.

Photo of Maiko Otsuka

Maiko Otsuka is a dedicated expert with a passion for Japanese cuisine and a deep understanding of bonito flakes. As the Bonito Flake Coordinator and Director of Sales at Taiko, a reputable bonito flake wholesaler in Tokyo, Maiko plays a crucial role in promoting and selling this iconic Japanese ingredient to the world.

With years of experience in the seafood industry, Maiko possesses a keen eye for quality and a wealth of knowledge about bonito flakes. She understands the intricate and traditional process of making these delicate flakes from carefully selected bonito fish, ensuring that only the finest products reach Taiko’s customers.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Maiko works closely with chefs, restaurant owners, and retailers, offering valuable insights on the versatility and benefits of bonito flakes in various culinary applications. Her expertise enables her to suggest innovative ways to incorporate this unique ingredient into traditional and international recipes, inspiring chefs and home cooks alike.