Saki Kimura

Saki Kimura

July 14, 2023
Picture of Saki Kimura

Saki Kimura is an accomplished journalist and sake enthusiast, recognized for her in-depth knowledge and expertise in the world of sake consumption and production. She holds a journalism certificate from UCLA, where she honed her skills in researching and reporting.

Saki’s passion for sake led her to join True Sake, the first sake specialty store in the United States. During her tenure, she immersed herself in the intricate world of sake, exploring its rich history and traditions while getting first-hand experience with its diverse range of flavors and brewing techniques. Saki’s time at True Sake provided her with a solid foundation in the art of sake appreciation, which would greatly influence her future career.

Currently, Saki Kimura is the Director at SAKETIMES International, a leading source of information and insights about sake worldwide. Alongside this role, she also contributes to SakeTips! and other prestigious international sake media platforms. Her dedication to the craft of sake is evident in the quality of her writings and translations, where she delves into various aspects of this beloved Japanese beverage.

With her ongoing commitment to sharing the wonders of sake with the world, Saki Kimura remains a respected figure in the field. Her passion, knowledge, and dedication continue to drive the evolution and appreciation of sake as a cherished cultural tradition.